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Sport coaching

My areas of expertise

Coaching de vie

Fitness work

  • Physical state report
  • Goals definition
  • Workplan
  • Accompagnement

Refine your silhouette

  • Search for optimal weight
  • Affine her thighs
  • Muscle his buttocks
  • Menopause
  • Abs


  • Muscles
  • Tenify his body
  • Receive breath
  • Work his stamina
  • Abdominal


  • Performance research
  • Training plan at the race swimming
  • Training plan MTb preparation

 Sport Partner

  • You wish to play sports but you are alone, you’re looking for a teammate, I’m here: squash, Mountain bike race, sky, hiking, other, contact me
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Learn more about sport coaching

My passion for sport push me to expand my knowledge of anatomy, nutrition and to take a closer look at certain types of pathologies through proper sport practice or appropriate nutrition.

This approach provides a different vision of the training that I propose to each of my clients.

The trainings combine all the sports practiced taking into account the abilities of each one. I remain convinced that sport is not just about staying in shape, but it’s a way of life. I can also re-educate you at the food level and offer you various workouts to work the muscles in different ways avoiding routine.

Sports coach is a big word, there is a lot of coach available.

You need to start by defining your goals, if you answer one of the questions below well then I am the sports trainer you need.

  • I am looking to be in good physical condition
  • I’m looking for a more toned body
  • I want to reshape my figure
  • I’m looking for a sustainable weight loss
  • I am looking to improve my cardio
  • I am alone to play sports and I am looking for a teammate
  • I’m preparing a competition
coaching de vie Let’s talk about my experience, I play sports since my childhood, my life without the sport is inconceivable, I am passionate. I started with motocross races, then 4×4, before being a musher (sled dog race) in Alaska and Europe, I also practiced and still practice martial arts and krav maga, as well as Thai boxing. I really gained a great knowledge of sports preparation to give you my advice. Calling on me is every chance on your side to achieve your goals. After our first metting, I will prepare a unique program tailored to your goals.

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