Self-love is the foundation of self-improvement

A big question arises which involves in it a dilemma:

Should I continue to change, improve, or should I just learn to love myself as I am?

This question is only a vast chimera, a misunderstanding, in general people who ask themselves these kinds of questions do not have a very positive image of themselves, moreover they think that this is normal,

they are in the following diagram:

 Self-love versus self-improvement

They think they are very good as they are, for them self-love rhymes with being the person he would like to be.

In a certain way, to love oneself would be a reward; on the contrary, to want to change would call into question self-love.

In fact this is the easy way, the man does not necessarily change, sometimes it takes a lot of courage to take this path.

To love one’s neighbor means to want him well, to want for him the best, to be in good health, happy, to succeed …

For example, do not we want the best for our children? that they be happy, that they succeed in life. It’s the same for a friend who would be unhappy with his life, he would like it to change, to be happy.

So we can see now that we can apply the same rules, and observe the results

I decide to be the best of me, by what I have the potential, by what I love myself, to live fully my life, to realize my ideal.

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