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Life Coaching

My areas of expertise

Coaching de vie

 Personal appearance

  • Fitness
  • Diet
  • Self esteem
  • Me and the others
  • To know how to define oneself
  • How others perceive me

I want to be happy

  • Solve the essential crises
  • Set long-term and short-term goals in your personal life
  • Establish productive habits in the morning and evening be active

Maximizing your potential

  • To know how to set limits, affirm more
  • Learn to say “no”
  • Manage a conflict
  • Gain clarity
  • Overcoming procrastination: Tendency to postpone, adjourn, temporize

Conflict at work – professional life

  • Achieving a work / life balance
  • Define a career plan
  • I’m tired – burn out – level of energy
  • Manage your finances
  • Learn to manage stress
  • Problematic related to meetings / relations

 Manage your emotions

  • Regain confidence / self-confidence
  • Organizational skills
  • To learn to love each other simply
  • Social skills / communication
  • Lack of motivation

 Addiction of adolescents

  • Dependencies / bad habits
  • Management of time
  • Assertiveness
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Learn more about life coaching

First of all I want to clarify that I do not perform a coaching session for private individuals in the office, except for addictions of adolescents where I must see your living environment.

I do home or better the session can take place on the terrace of a cafe or in a park … you choose the place that suits you, I adapt, I personally want you to feel the most at ease possible.

It’s your session after all, you choose of place. Coaching is above all a creative dynamic, yours, and the way you want to achieve your life.

My work thanks to tools and a full listening will allow me to isolate your objectives that they are personal or professional, I am there to help you to identify your needs, to bring you clarity.

Open your eyes and your senses, make you aware of what is around you and change it into something positive.

During our coaching sessions, you will learn how to qualify and design the goals that are important to you. We will learn together to identify them.

I will help you develop your qualities to lead a more positive life in harmony with your body. Do you ever wake up with this unfortunate feeling of early morning that the work you are doing is not exactly what you deserve, that it does not fit you completely, that you are able to do a lot more and better than some colleague around you. You think you are ready for something else, but what exactly is difficult to determine, you feel conflict with the reality and your desires. As a life coach I can help you in his fields. We can together define a career transition or find how to reconcile all of this according to your life requirements.

Your children get up in the morning, instead of going to wash and have breakfast they light their cellphone,
They wander around the house watching their favorite series on their phone.
As soon as they get home from school, they play online with their classmates instead of doing their homework.

I know the list could be even longer, and I’m not talking about time on social media. You are confronted with this addiction, but what to do, am I a bad parent  if I forbid everything? how to react ? the other children do the same.

coaching de vie To all this I have answers and solutions, life coaching is here to help you. Let’s talk about it together and I’m sure we will find solutions. In these cases I have to agree to an appointment at home with the parents and the child present if possible, I must first identify the reasons, then we begin the coaching. It also happens that we simply want to establish new encounters, find new friends or develop existing relationships. Become more efficient in the way we communicate, learn to manage conflicts. Learn to position yourself in a discussion. To know how to say no, it seems so simple and yet it often happens that it is complicated. Again, all of this is working, learning, and practicing. I offer relationship coaching to help you clarify the types of relationships you want to establish and the skills you need to create and maintain relationships over time. We all have relationship problems … it’s part of the life of a couple! Through coaching as a couple, you will reconsider how to communicate with each other. I will also teach you the basics so that everyone feels seen, known, valued and heard.

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