I’m free

Essays on the freedom to be

Already writing these words I realize that I am dependent on my computer keyboard, I also have several constraints, such as language, spelling, mink and many others ……

So does not the notion of freedom exist, or is freedom a concept that in Absolut is not attainable, the fact is that by our nature we are limited. Only God is free.

Very often we want a bird saying to himself he is free he flies but does he has the faculty to speak so am I more or less free than this bird in the sky. If I abolish all the rules I would be free too or my freedom comes from the fact that I respect certain social or cultural rules.

Yet on the planet all human beings have not the same rules, are saying that no one is free in the end.

Suddenly my mind loses its feet, the questions fuse in every direction, the answers miss, You see all this has a deep relationship to happiness and at this level everyone is different.

I propose to work together on this subject, through coaching sessions, how can we be free
if we are not happy and how can we be happy without being free.

Laurent Sayegh