How To Become Ridiculously Self-Aware In 20 Minutes

Here is something that can help you, go buy a notebook that will take place newspaper, I know it may seem a little old fashioned, but it works for a lot of people so why not you.

4 life-changing benefits when keeping a journal

I grant you that one might think that writing one’s life on a newspaper will not change anything. But believe me, it’s worth a try.
You will learn four things.

  • 1. Why keep a journal is the secret to no longer be pissed off
  • 2. How can we learn why some tactics work and do not work ?
  • 3. How to write can teach you how to live your daily life in the present.
  • 4. How logging will help you become amazingly aware of you.

You will stop getting angry

At first you will be revolted at everything around you, angry at everyone, your newspaper will mainly serve as an expiation for your deep frustration, you will reveal what is buried in you, this is what happens in most cases, everything that we kept in itself goes out, it’s much easier to write it than to say it. you know it very well in social networks such as Facebook people allow themselves to write things that they would not dare to say in front of you. your journal will serve you a little at the beginning at the same thing, a diary and secret.

I was furious with the world.
So little by little something new is produced …
Over the pages my anger is faded, I realized that my diary helped me overcome my frustrations, my fears, my tension … writing has become a kind of therapy, I became bulimic of the writing.

You will begin to discover why some mechanisms work and others do not work. The main goal is to really live in the present moment.

Keeping a diary after a few weeks helps you understand what you really think about your friends, family and colleagues.