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Corporate coaching

My areas of expertise

Coaching de vie

 Typical problem

  • Establish a climate of trust
  • Lead a meeting
  • Manage periods of doubt in decision-making
  • Negotiate a contract

Develop and improve your business

  • Career plan
  • New functions
  • New manager
  • Preparation for a career interview
  • Do you initiate trust in your staff?

Time management

  • Management work – family
  • Teamwork
  • Stress management
  • Burn out

To assert its legitimacy as Manager

  • Define your managerial style / communication
  • Construct or establish his legitimacy as manager
  • Conflict management
  • New manager: find his style
  • Speaking in public
  • Body language / vocal tone

 Reports man woman

  • management of posts
  • Cultural differences
  • Lack of work / life balance
  • Do you motivate your team to work at best ?
  • Sexual reporting management


  • Social skills / communication
  • Maintenance techniques
  • Challenge profitability
  • How can you create an atmosphere where people want to work for you
  • Do you line someone with whom you want to do business ?
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Learn more about corporate coaching

Corporate coaching is the mechanism that helps a company, entrepreneur or management team to better channel and succeed in the business world.

As a qualified professional coach I find the best strategy to ensure the success of your business using various tools and techniques.

There are many types of coaches, but I assure you that my method works.

Personally, I move into your company, I audit people or positions Then after an interview together I propose a personalized program for each situation. Take a look to some questions that might challenge you.

  • Are you an executive who needs help with strategy, sales and marketing ?
  • Are you an entrepreneur who wants to help start a business?
  • Are you a salesman who wants to double your sales ?
  • Do you want to reorganize your business so that it works more easily ?  
  •  Need an objective eye to analyze challenges and create solutions ?
  • Do you want to create more work / life balance ?
  • Do you want to change things and need someone who has already come to guide you ?
coaching de vie
  • Are you frustrated by the lack of progress towards your most important goals ?
  • Do you use an effective approach to help leaders improve ?
  • Is every employee the right thing to win in his role and why does it matter ?
  • Do you need a system that simplifies the recruitment of the best ?
  • Are you looking for a good deal between your employees ?
In all these areas and well other I would help you, because my experience and my method.

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