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How difficult to summarize himself even with a text! The personality of someone is so complex, that for me the sentences remain reductive, so I lend myself to the game to make you discover some aspects of my person.

I was born in 1961 and since my one and a half years I live mainly on the French Riviera. although I have traveled the world many times, My life experience now leads me to want to help others, to make them benefit from my knowledge.

I first studied computer science, then before going into the workforce, I went to Alaska to realize a childhood dream of trapping.
In my youngest age when I was 10, I saw a beautiful black and white dog with blue eyes in a convertible Mercedes in Cannes. I had never seen such a dog in my life, I must say that in the 1970s we did not know the sled dogs.

Laurent Sayegh

it was much later when I saw the movie the call of the forest that I understood that it was about husky, from then on I was passionate for thegreat north.
It was obvious to me once I finished my studies to embark on the adventure and go to Alaska to become a trapper. Once on site I lived in a wooden cabin at Trapper Creek (literally the Trappers Valley) down Mount McKinley, there I had the chance to realize my childhood dream and to know the greatest musher from Alaska,
back in France my passion did not leave me and I had 17 sled dogs with which I made several races. It was a great adventure to participate in the very beginnings of this sport in France.

But back to my professional experience, back in France I went to work in England in the most prestigious hotel chain in London where I had the privilege of being part of a team to open new hotels in the world. Once my mission ended back in France I was a banker in a private bank to charge business big account, I could rub shoulders with a clientele that is now called MIP (most important person ), the bank opened up another horizon that of luxury and more precisely thereafter the world of watchmaking, in which I work for more than 30 years.

By my way of life I was brought to meet a large number of people
of all horizons and different nationality, I followed a thorough training of personal coach by Union Formation first school of coaching in France of excellence  and certified training in hypnosis by institut europeen d’hypnose integrative ,the official one

My job today is to combine knowing everything and this experience so that you can achieve the best of yourself in your life.
I deeply love human nature and I think that in my job if I want to make you progress is essential.

Whether in life coaching, hypnosis or sports, I guarantee you are the right person.

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